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MFA Application & Audition

The UConn Department of Dramatic Arts admits a class of nine or ten MFA Acting students once every three years. Since our current class of MFA actors began their training in August 2017, the next group will not begin their classes until the Fall Semester of 2020.

Our next MFA acting class will enroll in Fall of 2020.

MFA Acting applications and audition  process: 

Applicants in MFA Acting are required to audition as part of the admissions process. Auditions for Admission to the M.F.A. programs may be arranged by the following:

1. The Department is a full member of U/RTA; we screen and interview numerous actors through the National Auditions each year. Formal participation in these auditions requires an application to U/RTA. For applications and further details, contact the theatre faculty at your present school, or write to U/RTA, Room 704, 1540 Broadway, New York, NY 10036.

2. By scheduling an appointment at the University of Connecticut in Storrs. Activities will include audition presentations (two contrasting monologues) and an interview. You must mail or bring with you, a copy of your transcript, your professional resume and headshot to the department prior to the audition. To schedule an appointment please call the Department of Dramatic Arts office at (860) 486-2281.

It is recommended that you DO NOT APPLY to the Graduate School until you have completed the audition process, either on campus or through the U/RTA auditions. This will save you the application fee should you not be accepted into the program.