Laptop Requirements

Computer Requirements for Incoming Students

Our area uses advanced applications beyond the standard or typical academic laptop system. Students should purchase a device that can comfortably handle professional 3d drafting and modeling software such as Autodesk/Vectorworks and the Adobe Suite concurrently. Each of these companies is a link to their own software requirements.  In addition, depending on your studies and  focus you may be asked to purchase programs in 3D modeling, rendering, and in video and sound editing. All students are required to purchase a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud.

As a general guideline: A MacBook Pro or Gaming Laptop PC equivalent, with a manufacturing date no greater than two years old at the time of your first fall semester will be a good system for you to use. Students should consult with faculty when deciding between a PC and a Mac for the program as each area of focus has slightly different needs; e.g. students focused in Sound Design are strongly encouraged to opt for a MacBook Pro. For broader details about the University wide device requirements visit this page.  

The Department recommends that students plan to upgrade their laptops over the course of their time at UCONN to compensate for technological advances. Students are encouraged to buy laptops and software through the University to take full advantage of the resources and benefits available to students.