Puppet Arts Minor


The Puppet Arts minor provides students with an introduction to the art, history, design, and fabrication of puppets and object performance. Through project-based coursework, students will study and practice the core forms of puppet arts from around the world and develop capacities for designing and fabricating new puppets, creating puppet plays, and producing puppet-related projects.

Students must complete DRAM 1501 Introduction to World Puppetry plus 12 credits at the 3000-level or above. Appropriate courses will be determined in consultation with and pre-approved by the Puppet Arts Minor Coordinator. Students interested in the minor must meet with the Puppet Arts Minor Coordinator to develop an initial plan of study and fill out and submit the Puppet Arts Minor Declaration Form.

Students must complete a total of at least 15 credits, as follows:

REQUIRED: DRAM 1501: Introduction to World Puppetry (3 credits)

Plus 12 credits from the following courses:
DRAM 3601: Mask Theatre (3)
DRAM 3602: Paper Sculpture (3)
DRAM 3603: Rod Puppetry (3)
DRAM 3604: Puppetry in Television (3)
DRAM 3605: Shadow Theatre (3)
DRAM 3607: Materials Techniques (3)
DRAM 3608: Hand Puppetry (3)
DRAM 3609: UV/Czech Black Theatre (3)

Minor Application

For further information, please contact:

Program Coordinator: Dylan Delmastro

Puppet Arts Minor Coordinator: Matthew Cohen