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Laptop Requirements

All BFA Design Tech students will be required to purchase laptops. Below you will find links to the developers’ websites that detail the requirements that should be followed to insure the software we teach will perform properly.

AutoCAD for MAC:

AutoCAD for PC:

Vector works for PC and MAC:

Photoshop for PC and MAC:

Lightwright for PC and MAC:

Microsoft Office/Word/Excel/Powerpoint for PC and MAC:

The Department recommends that students plan to upgrade their laptops over the course of their time at UCONN to compensate for technological advances. Students are encouraged to buy laptops and software from the University Co-Op’s Technology web site. It will provide students with warranty and repair services for Dell, Apple, Sony, Lenovo, and Toshiba laptops.

If students have any questions about hardware requirements they are encouraged to contact their advisor.