MFA Design & Technical

Costume Design

The Master of Fine Arts degree in Costume Design provides a highly tailorable program which allows students to follow a path that is unique to their interests and passions. Students are encouraged to take courses across disciplines and to be pro-active makers and creators. The training program focuses on developing skills in text analysis, research, creativity, communication, collaboration, and the ability to translate one’s ideas into visual form with speed, consistency, and clear intention. The program includes both design and assistant design assignments at CRT (Connecticut Repertory Theatre) as well as on-the-job training with professional technicians.

Lighting Design

The Master of Fine Arts degree in Lighting Design is a terminal degree whose purpose is to train designers for the professional theatre and entertainment industry. The program is structured to develop an understanding of lighting aesthetics, technology, design and research techniques, theatre history/dramatic literature, as well as business skills required for survival in the professional theatre world. We place emphasis on the collaborative and developmental design process and on a working knowledge of the specific requirements in different genres of live performance: theatre, musical theatre, opera, dance, and non-traditional performance.

Scenic Design

The MFA in Scenic Design program is tailored for applicants looking to enrich their study of scenic design through dedicated research, script analysis, studio projects, and realized work both within the University setting and the industry.

Within this three year program many of the traditional requirements of graduate school and the framework of academia have been eliminated. Our approach is not designed to put any given designer through a standard “academic track”, rather we work with the individual to craft an effective, rigorous, and unique three year “artist’s residency” that will best serve the student within school and set them up for professional success after graduation.

Technical Direction

The Master of Fine Arts program in Technical Direction prepares students for professional careers in technical production areas associated with the performing arts. The program emphasizes planning and management and focuses on methods of investigating and applying new techniques, materials and technologies to the technical management and execution of productions.