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Please complete this form to request permission to add a course to your schedule that you are currently unable to add in the Student Administration system.

New online Request to Add a Course form

This form should be used to register for:

  • Independent Studies
  • Course Adds after the 10th day of Classes
  • Courses being Repeated for the Third Time

This form cannot be used to register for the following situations:

  • Overriding Closed Class or Prerequisites: in this case, you must contact the instructor or the department to determine if a permission number is a possibility.
  • You have met your credit maximum: in this case, you will need to request and be approved for excess credit to enroll in more credits.
  • A component of the class conflicts with another class currently on your schedule: in this case, provided one of the instructors agrees to make up the missing work with you, the instructor must email with your name, Student Admin number, course information, and consent to work with you on the time overlap.

Please note that any holds that block registration will delay and/or prevent the processing of this form. Please resolve all outstanding holds that prevent registration BEFORE submitting the form.

You MUST discuss this request with your instructor and advisor BEFORE submitting this form. Failure to do so may result in delayed processing or form denial.