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CRT Behind the Scenes Video: Twelfth Night

Go behind the scenes of William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night directed by Victor Maog.

Twelfth Night
by William Shakespeare
December 3-13, 2015
Tickets and Info at or 860-486-2113
Nafe Katter Theatre

We bring you a”Twelfth Night” infused with the music and jollity of the Christmas season. Wrapped in carols and holly, Shakespeare’s finest comedy is a paean to the restorative power of love and the uproarious joy of the holidays. Viola, the shipwrecked heroine, lands on the shore of Illyria, and disguised as a page, Cesario, searches for her lost brother. Countess Olivia mourns the loss of her own brother. When the lovely Countess meets the handsome young page (Viola in disguise), desire banishes grief in this intoxicating comedy of mistaken identity and contagious laughter. Our “Twelfth Night” is a delightfully unique way to celebrate the holidays.

Photography and Editing by Matt Pugliese
Artwork and Graphic Design by Cully Long and Dan Chen
Music – “I Saw Three Ships” by Sarah and Michael Bowman


Day in the Life: Puppet Arts Major John Cody and the Art of Trickery

The Daily Campus

The Puppet Arts Program is one of the University of Connecticut’s rare treasures. The women’s basketball team consistently makes headlines, but the distance UConn conquers basketball is peanuts to how far it dominates puppetry. Fifth-semester puppet arts major John Cody, whose previous work has included an eight-foot-tall Captain Condom mascot, explains his passion for the art form:

Cody has previously done work “wrangling mascots” for DreamWorks’ “Penguins of Madagascar” at Yankee Stadium and the Bronx Zoo. The job’s duties, Cody said, included “helping the actors put on the costumes, making sure they don’t break, repairing them if they do break, and making sure kids don’t punch them.”

“What’s fun about mascots is they have this element of fantasy to reality,” Cody added. “It’s this totally bizarre thing: a giant penguin who can’t move his face or talk just in the middle of the Bronx Zoo.”

UConn’s Student Health Services approached Cody and puppet arts graduate student Anatar Marmol-Gagne to assemble their “Stall Street News” character Captain Condom. Cody designed a maquette (a miniature model) and then built the full-size mascot while learning along the way.

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