BFA Puppet Arts Application & Audition

Admissions to the School of Fine Arts as a BFA in Puppet Arts Major is a two-step process involving both an audition/portfolio review as well as the submission of University application through the Common Application. The Common Application can be obtained from the University of Connecticut Undergraduate Admissions Office.

Application Deadlines are as follows:

Priority Freshman Application:
December 1st – Deadline for Merit Scholarship & Honors Consideration

Freshman Application:
January 15th
 – University Application/Common Application

It is best to submit your University application before coming to an audition/interview. Admission decisions to the University will not be made until Undergraduate Admissions receives results of your audition/interview.

Puppet Arts Mask


BFA in Puppet Arts Audition and Interview Process:

Audition Dates for the Fall Class of 2022: Coming Soon

MA/MFA: Coming Soon


To confirm an audition time please contact Professor Roccoberton at:


The Puppet Arts are a crossroad of many disciplines. Virtually all of the arts and most of the humanities and sciences feed directly into the expressions of Puppetry. The current and past students of the UConn Puppet Arts Program are good examples of this wide and varied field. In our graduate program, we have and have had majors with undergraduate degrees in Acting, Architecture, Costuming, Dance, Design, English Literature, Mechanical Engineering, Music, Political Science, Religion/Philosophy, Sculpture, and Technical Theatre.


In recent years we have seen an increase in people wanting to be part of our program. Because facilities, resources, and faculty are limited and we have a strong desire to maintain the quality of programming that we offer, we have limited the overall population to twenty-two students, necessitating entry auditions.


The audition process includes:

*A prepared 3-5 minute presentation in any discipline of strength for the applicant, which demonstrates that individual’s creativity

*An improvised presentation with objects provided by the audition committee and a presentation of past work through a portfolio and interview.



At the graduate level students are admitted as an MA candidates. After a successful year of class and production work, the student can audition into the MFA program through a project proposal before the Faculty Committee.