Featured Alumni in Puppet Arts

Alumni of the Puppet Arts Program form their own touring companies and perform before audiences around the world; they work on the Broadway and off-Broadway stages; they produce movies alongside the gurus of hi-tech, special effects cinema; they entertain us with television programs and specials; they help business and industry to present new ideas and sell products; they write and illustrate books; they teach our children to read, count and learn how to care for themselves and each other; they develop vibrant educational programs for both teachers and students; they design toys; they discover breakthrough applications in therapy; and they even direct internationally renowned schools and museums.  

The professional network of Puppet Arts graduates is broad. Alumni pay attention to the current students. They will frequently come back for puppetry events at UConn to gain a better sense of the new talents who will soon be entering the profession.

Puppeteers, Heather Asch and Pam Arciero, talk on Ann Nyberg’s Network Connecticut about an education proponent of their work with “No Strings Attached.”

Hua Hua Zhang ’01

Jennifer Barnhart

Fergus Walsh ’10

Rob Saunders ’96

Chia-Yin (Jo) Cheng ’99