Admission Process

Undergraduate Application Process:

Step 1:
Submission of University application through the common application or coalition application for UConn.

Either can be obtained from the University of Connecticut Undergraduate Admissions Office.

Step 2:
Please see below for additional materials showcasing your talent for Dramatic Arts applicants.

This may include an audition, portfolio review, interview, and/or a separate application.

Application Deadlines

December 1, 2021: Priority Freshman Application Deadline for Merit Scholarship & Honors Consideration.

January 15, 2022: Freshman University Application/Common Application

It is best to submit your University application before your audition, portfolio review, or interview. Admission decisions to the University will not be made until Undergraduate Admissions receives results of your audition, portfolio review, or interview.



BFA Acting Auditions and Application Information:

Please note: All 2021-2022 auditions will be held via Zoom.

Please submit your BFA Acting Application to SlideRoom. It is to your advantage to submit a BFA Acting Application as early as possible.


BFA Acting Audition Dates: 

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Saturday, January 22. 2022

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Sunday, January 30, 2022

BFA Design & Technical Theatre Portfolio and Application Information:

Please submit your portfolio to Slideroom:



BFA in Puppet Arts Audition and Interview Process: 

Audition Dates for the Fall Class of 2022: 

BFA: December 4 and January 9 

To confirm an audition time please contact Professor Roccoberton at: 

The audition process includes:

  • A prepared 3-5 minute presentation in any discipline of strength for the applicant, which demonstrates that individual’s creativity.
  • An improvised presentation with objects provided by the audition committee and a presentation of past work through a portfolio and interview.

We anticipate that for the Fall 2022 entry, all auditions will be virtual. (Although it is possible to enter the university in the Spring Semester, it is not recommended for Puppet Arts Majors as many of the required theatre courses are offered in two-semester cycles.) 

BA in Theatre Studies Application Information:

BA program in Theatre Studies requires a Theatre Studies Application which will be reviewed by a selection committee comprised of members of Theatre Studies faculty.  It is to your advantage to submit a Theatre Studies Application as early as possible through Slideroom.

Informal Interview:

You will also need to have an informal interview with the Theatre Studies committee regarding your interest in the Theatre Studies major.



Graduate Admissions Application Process:

Please see specific MFA Admission Guidelines under your Program Area of Study.

Schedule an interview/portfolio review or audition.  If you receive a “call back” at one of the U/RTA auditions sites, this interview will take place at that time. However, you are welcome to call the department (860-486-2281) to schedule an on-campus interview at a mutually convenient time. You can identify your discipline director by viewing the Dramatic Arts faculty page

For additional information in regards to the University Graduate application requirements and process, please go to the Graduate Admissions website:

Thank you for your interest in the Department of Dramatic Arts at the University of Connecticut.