Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

What Is Our Purpose?

As representatives of the Department of Dramatic Arts, the DEI Committee is charged with transparently supporting the Department, and by extension CRT, by promoting practices that make our community more inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible, for all members and guests of our department. We are not an adjudicatory committee; rather we approach our work by centering the following three actionable tenets to frame our process.



  • This working committee serves as a resource available to anyone in the Dramatic Arts community. The DEI Committee holds this listening space to receive feedback, welcome accountability, and collate Dramatic Arts DEI successes, failures, and future goals.

  • We are here to listen and facilitate access to anyone seeking information regarding DEI work and resources.



  • This committee represents a formalized commitment to continuing education.
  • Members of this committee are individually responsible for foundational training and sustained education in the development of modern practices that support departmental DEI. Individuals are encouraged to share this ongoing learning with the committee.  
  • The knowledge and resources gathered as part of this endeavor will be leveraged to the advantage of the department at large and in turn the wider CRT and UConn-Storrs Community.



  • It is the responsibility of this committee to provide resources to the department for the benefit of the greater community.
  • Knowledge and training acquired in our committee will be centered around the larger goal of promoting DEI systems, practices, and policies across our department and beyond.
  • Through our work, we aim to support an overall culture of individual learning, responsibility, and continued accountability across the department and CRT.