“D” Series Studio Projects


Origin of Studio Projects Concept: The primary objective of the Studio Projects is to generate performance and directing opportunities for dramatic arts students. Technical production values are, generally speaking, intentionally limited, to help focus attention specifically on performance values. From time to time, faculty members choose to direct shows, to target specific needs of performance students and casting needs of the undergraduate curriculum. These faculty-directed projects may receive the additional support of other interested design/tech faculty members or other resources made available in consultation with the head of the department and coordinated through area supervisors.

Freshman Projects: The D Series are separate and distinct from freshmen projects. Freshman projects are conceived to be rehearsed and performed during daytime hours specifically to prevent conflicts with the performance student’s DRAM 1216, 1217, 1218 running crew obligations.

D Series Proposal Process:

To submit a “D” Series proposal, please submit a hard copy of the completed form to Nisha Joshee Hardnett at nisha.hardnett@uconn.edu.

Proposal Form: D Series Proposal Questionnaire

Proposal Deadlines:

For a Fall semester ‘D’ series, the deadline is the final Friday in March
For a Spring semester ’D’ series, the deadline is the second Friday in October

All proposals approval will be decided before the end of each semester.

Questions regarding Technical Productions, please email: Production Manager, Bob Copley at bob.copley@uconn.edu