Theatre Studies Course of Study

The Theatre Studies BA is similar to most of UConn's liberal arts degrees in that the student will take approximately 35% of their college credits within their major field. On the introductory, 1000 course level, BA students must take the same full range of core courses required of all Dramatic Arts majors. In addition, BA students must elect a further 18 credits of courses in dramatic arts at the 3000-4000 level. The remaining 65% of the BA's curriculum consists mainly of liberal arts courses, including the University's broad-ranging General Education Requirements and the election of 12 credits at the 3000-4000 level in a related group of courses outside the department. Although it is expected that these courses will be closely related to the student's major, BA students are encouraged not to focus on a single department.

Thanks to its special combination of academic studies in theatre and the availability of production experience with the Connecticut Repertory Theatre and New Play Development Programs, the BA in Theatre Studies provides an excellent foundation for graduate work in either theatre or other academic fields, as well as a foundation for professional careers in directing, playwriting, dramatic criticism, stage management, theatre management, and a host of other related fields within the theatre, film and television industries.

The following is a list of the dramatic arts courses you will take in order to complete your BA in Theatre Studies. “Related” course are non-Dramatic Arts courses.


Technological Requirements

All BA students electing to take any of the Computer Drafting or Rendering classes must have a laptop that meets the department's minimum requirements.Requirements can be seen here.

Course of Study

ALL of the courses from the following list:

  • DRAM 1216: Theatre Production: Costume & Makeup
  • DRAM 1218: Theatre Production: Stage Craft
  • DRAM 1282: 1 Credit Practicum
  • DRAM 1710: Introduction to Acting For Non-BFA Majors
  • DRAM 2130: History of Drama I
  • DRAM 2131: History of Drama II
  • DRAM 2141: Script Analysis
  • DRAM 4711W: The Director in the Theatre

Any TWO courses from the following list:

  • DRAM 3130: Women in Drama
  • DRAM 3131(W): African-American Theatre
  • DRAM 3142: Dramaturgy
  • DRAM 4135W: Period Studies in Theatre
  • DRAM 3138: Trends in Contemporary Theatre

An additional 18 credits in Dramatic Arts at the 3000-4000 level
These courses are individually selected in conjunction with the student's academic adviser to create a broad, liberal arts approach to the study of theatre.

An additional 12 credits at the 3000-4000 level in a related group outside the department.
These courses should be closely related to the student's major, but need not be in a single department. These courses also may be used to satisfy other University requirements, such as minors, if appropriate.

Please Note: Advanced courses within any of the departments BFA programs are open to Theatre-Studies students only through audition or by the permission of the professor.